EvaluationsClient FAQ's

What kind of mystery shops do you perform?

Remington Evaluations LLC performs all sorts of shops based on a client’s needs. Our most popular shops are phone and onsite leasing consultant evaluations as well as email shops. Clients also look for competitor shops, potential employee shops, Fair Housing shops, customer service shops, video shops, and more. Once we know your specific needs, we can help you determine what kind of shop will help uncover the information you are looking for.

Do you offer any other services besides the mystery shop?

Yes, we offer surveying services for both your real customers and your potential customers. We offer trending and graphing reports to help organize your data and also benchmarking reports to see how you compare with your competitors.

What is “Apartment Vacancy Solutions”?

AVS is a slogan we use to help describe the “one stop shop” services you need to properly evaluate your communities. Remington Evaluations has teamed up with the well know Creative Marketing Concepts to provide a full array of products and services including: mystery shopping, model redecoration, leasing training, Fair Housing, advertising, and marketing. You have no need to go anywhere else for your Apartment Vacancy Solutions.

Do you do any other kinds of mystery shopping outside of property management?

Yes. While our core business is property management, we offer mystery shopping services for all kinds of industries such as mini storage, moving companies, retail shops, real estate, any business related to the automotive industry, and more. If you are not in a property management company or have a business related to the multi-family industry but would like to get a quote on services, we would love to hear from you. Tell us about your business and what information you are trying to obtain through a mystery shopping program. We will design a program that will best suit your business.

How do you find your shoppers?

Shoppers come from all walks of life. Since shoppers are their own businesses, they have to sign up with us as an independant contractor. Many shoppers provide shopping services for several mystery shopping companies at one time. We have a business to business relationship with our shoppers. Shoppers apply for assignments based on what they know they can provide to us. We set the specific profiles of what we are looking for and review with each shopper what is expected. We make sure the shopper picked for your mystery shop fits the kind of customer you typically have for your business.

Are your shopper’s trained?

Shopper’s have the choice to be trained in the mystery shopping industry by taking classes such as those provided from the MSPA. We do not provide training to shoppers but will provide a detailed orientation if needed so the shopper is aware of your needs and what is expected of them. Since shoppers are business owners, it is up to them to seek the training they need to be successful in mystery shopping services. However, when we assign our shops we give preference to those that are MSPA Gold Certified.

How do we get this process started?

All you need to do is call or email us. We will set up a time to talk to you about your needs and review what kind of shopping form is needed to uncover the data you are looking for. It is at this time we can properly assess what it will take to give you the report you are looking for and quote a price based on your specific needs. See our contact us page.

How are the prices for shopping report determined?

Price is a factor for all of our clients. The price is based on how much work you expect the mystery shopper to do. Our shops typically run between $55 to $170 per shop. The level of detail and length of the report will help us determine the the fee we would charge.

Will you meet with us in person?

Absolutely. If that is what you need us to do, we can set up a meeting. Many clients are happy with doing business via email or over the phone while others prefer a face to face meeting. It is your preference.

How long does it take to get a report back?

There are several factors involved with proper turnaround time. Normally a report will take about 2 to 3 weeks. However, if we run into issues with the shopper or the target, the turnaround time may be delayed.

Why would it take 30 days or more for a report to be turned in?

Although it is very rare that a shop would take more than 30 days to complete it does happen from time to time. Yes! unlike our competitors we are willing to admit that! Here are some of the reasons why a report may be delayed longer than expected.  The leasing consultant to be shopped has a very limited schedule, the shopper turned in a report that we rejected, the shopper assigned FLAKED on their assignment and we had to find a new shopper, the client is slow in sending us a work schedule or additional information about the consultant, the consultant we are shopping never answers the phone or is not working per their schedule. Sometimes we have we have a hard time finding a shopper in the market (outlining areas can be more difficult to fill). No matter what the case, if a shop is delayed we always make sure that our clients are aware of the delay and the reason for it.  

Do you look at the report the shopper sends in before you send it to me?

Yes, we review each report that comes in. We want to make sure that the report is detailed and was properly filled out. We also check to make sure there is no information missing and cross-check to see if the shopper followed our instructions. We do reject reports that do not meet our standards. When that happens, this will affect the turnaround time of the report. We will not send you a report that does not meet our quality standards.  

How often should I shop my employees?

It depends on what information you need and your budget for the program. Clients shop monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Once you know the cost for the program, you can determine how often you want your team shopped.

How can I access the reports?

All reports will be emailed to you after they are finalized. You will have 24-7 access to all reports and acumulated data by logging into our reporting system.

My communities are at 100% occupancy. Why should I shop them?

Why NOT? Consultants working at communities at 100% occupancy have a tendency to be lax in their work and don’t always follow the sales process you have set up. Even though you are at 100% occupancy, that can change from month to month. As new prospects call your communities, they should feel just as valued as those residents who live in their communities. Are your consultants conveying value with every prospect they encounter? Are they referring prospects to your sister communities?

I need a shop down within 2 weeks. Can you do that for us?

YES! We offer a RUSH SERVICE for an additional charge.