Become a Shopper

We are actively seeking shoppers who are detail oriented and are interested in assisting us with detailed reporting for apartment evaluations and more. If you are good writer, pay close attention to detail, can  state facts only, and are extremely reliable with a flexible schedule, please click here to sign up.

All shoppers who sign up with us are required to submit SERVICE INVOICES when their shops are completed. Please make a note of this. We process all invoices received from shoppers within 6 weeks of your shop completion date. All invoices should be sent to and should NOT include any of the shop proof or marketing materials. Keep all your invoices separate from any marketing materials that would go to a client. Make sure each invoice you send has an invoice # as we will make a note of that on your check so you will know which invoices you are being paid for.

We pay via check from our bank. The bank cuts the checks and mails them out. All checks are issued in a plain white envelope. Please DO NOT mistake it for junk mail. Watch for it carefully. We will include a memo on each check so you know which invoice we are paying.