Measure your community’s service quality and leasing performance as well as your resident’s and prospect’s experience through Mystery Shopping.

Leasing Evaluations

It does not matter what type of properties make up your portfolio. Every property management company knows that Top Notch, Well Trained Leasing Consultant's are a must. Mystery Shopping your Apartment communities will help you validate the training that you are providing them, and ensures that your sales process is being followed.


  •  Are your current and prospective residents receiving the service you desire?

  •  Is your staff motivated to do their best for both prospects and residents on a daily basis?

  •  Are your occupancy rates where you need them to be?

Through detailed mystery shopping reports, we will help identify specific areas your staff must improve on so your communities can reach greater profitability.

Montlhy Motivation  

Here are 3 questions that every experienced leader should be asking: 1. Do my employees understand and believe in my vision of how we should treat our customers ? 2. How do I know? 3. Am I absolutely sure?  Discovering the true answers to these questions can be an enlightening and motivating experience. They have the power to challenge the status quo and drive good leaders to become legendary icons.